The Farmbus, Mercato Metropolitano

An urban farm on wheels. Rootlabs upcycled a London Double-Decker bus into a highly productive urban farm and horticultural showcase. The bus was nestled in the bustling Mercato Metropolitano community market; a unique landmark in the heart of London

The upper deck

The top deck was designed to be a state of the art strawberry farm. First it was stripped back to the shell, insulated, and refitted with hygienic cladding. Climate control was installed and the walls were lined with 50 aeroponic grow columns. The final piece of the puzzle was the full spectrum LED lighting to help the crops flourish. At full capacity the system housed over 500 individual plants on an automated feed and lighting schedule.

The lower deck

The lower deck was all about the public. Walking through the bus allowed visitors to see, touch, taste, and smell a huge variety of plants being cultivated in a range of exciting ways. Members of the Rootlabs team were on hand to explain the science behind the growing and stimulate conversation about the wider social and environmental issues around the our global food systems.