The Farmbus

We transformed a London double decker bus into an exhibition of growing systems at the community Mercato Metropolitano.

The top deck was turned into a climate controlled strawberry farm holding over 400 plants in an aeroponic system. The bottom deck housed a variety of edible and decorative plants for sale, and workshop space.

Hydroponic Herb Wall at Jim and Tonic

Our installation for Jim and Tonic provides fresh herbs throughout the year to be used in their drinks, and in their on-site gin distillery. With limited space in their courtyard bar our hydroponic growing system allows them to fit in as many plants as possible

Botanical Herb Wall at Longflint Drinks

Our vertical growing installation at Longflint Drinks provides fresh and sustainable herbs for their natural botanical handmade craft drinks range.

We're Supplementary LED lighting creates a dynamic feature behind the bar and ensures as much produce can be grown as possible.

Our Events

Houseplant Workshop

Come and learn how to care for and propagate common houseplants at home.

Join the Rootlabs team at Mercato Metropolitano and experience a large range of different plants and learn how to make them thrive in your home. We will cover:

  • The history of plants
  • The diverse types of plants and their requirements
  • Propagation
  • Plant life cycles and getting plants to flower

Whatever your level, there will be plenty to learn about and plenty of plants to interact with. Leave with the skills to make your house flourish.


Miniature Landscape Workshop

Come and make a beautiful living display to brighten your space and filter your air.

Learn how to combine plants, wood, and stone to make eye-catching landscapes in a single container.

Choose from a range of plant types including ferns, cacti, succulents, and many more.

Leave with a unique botanical creation that will continue to grow and change with age!

Get in touch

Drop us a line if you would like to discuss a project or attend a workshop, we'd love to hear from you!

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